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"If you are looking to learn how to swing tread, Bubba is the best!!!! 

I have been learning from Bubba for the past 2 years. He is an excellent teacher & mentor, with a heart of gold. Bubba always goes the extra mile to make sure all of his students understand how and why the market moves. Thank you Sensei, you are the best!"

 -Dorjee Lama


“I have always been interested in the stock market and have tried my hand at it several times over the years with little to no success. After just a few meetings with Bob Smith, and a bit of research and reading under Bob’s guidance, I felt empowered by the knowledge I gained. I am grateful to be learning a lifelong skill, and love profiting from the stock market. Bob is a great mentor, teacher, all-around great guy, and very passionate about what he does. If you are interested in making money in the stock market I highly recommend talking to Bob Smith!”

-Brett Schade

"Even with over 20 years in Finance and Banking Bob has taught me to look at the market in a different way.  I recommend you spend the time to learn his approach and get to know him as well.  His genuine interest in helping you make the decisions on your own money can lead to a very profitable future for you."

-Sean Quinn, Hamburg NY-

"Although Bob makes learning fun and interesting, it is most importantly profitable! I have been a student of Bob's for over 2 years. He has become more than just an educator, he has become a friend. A very knowledgeable friend indeed."

-Joe Basquill-

"We are so thankful we met Bob Smith last summer. We had no idea how the Stock Market worked and Bob equipped us with the tools and knowledge to read the charts while also managing our risk.

Every session was tailored to meet our needs and he always came fully prepared, ready to teach. I can't thank him enough for all that he has done to help us with our future finances!"

-Joyce and James, Havertown PA-

"Bob takes great delight in sharing his lifetime of trading knowledge, as well as the trading know how he continues to learn. I have seen him transform people with no trading knowledge into thoughtful market watchers who succeed at trading through doing."

-Robert Dennill, Tacoma WA-

"Bob Smith was a tremendous help to me in learning how the market works, how to read charts to give some extra advantages. He has absolutely made me a better investor."


Student bought Apple Puts 5/7/19 for $4,760 

Sold on 5/31/19 for $22,989

Profit of $18,229 

-Joe Basquill-

"I have been taking "stock school" with Bob since the beginning of this year (2019) once a week. When I say I had NO prior knowledge of option trading I'm not kidding. The first thing Bob had me do was study some basic material on stocks.

After a few months of that I opened a trading account and began purchasing small amounts of stock options under Bob's guidance. Bob doesn't tell me what to buy and sell, he advises me on the likelihood if what I want to buy/sell is a good idea.

Based on analysis of a stock chart.

What I wasn't expecting is how much fun I'm having doing this and I've made money as well!

I encourage anyone, especially if you have no prior knowledge of stocks, to give studying with Bob a try. It's incredibly interesting, fun, rewarding and profitable.

Some of the things I've learned through Bob have helped me out with my professional life as well.

I can't recommend Bob highly enough.

-Dr. Sue Rink, Dalton PA- 

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